week 45

By ghyllander

This is what we will do on Tuesday (7mb) / Wednesday (7ma):

First you do a homework check and that includes working with exercises to the irregular verbs. The exercises are in your onlinebook. Time for this, max 25 minutes.

Then you’re going to choose a scary short story to read. You find a link to the homepage if you look under the tag ”Tasks” > ”Ghost Stories” here on the blog. Time for this, about 25 minutes.

Homework for Thursday (7mb) Friday (7ma): You must have chosen a scary story and read it. When you come to class you’re ready to retelll it.

This is what we do on Thursday (7mb) / Friday (7ma):

Test results back (Reading/Listening/Vocabulary)

Reading/retelling stories

Homework for Tuesday (7mb) / Wednesday (7ma):

Next 10 irregular verbs (fight-have) on p.109-110 in Classbook + Words p.47 in Classbook

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